Epsom Salts Has So Many Uses

Did you know that Epson Salts reduces water retention, therefore if you bath in it, it will reduce a bloated tummy.


As Epsom Salts is a good source of magnesium and sulphate. Magnesium absorbs easily through the skin. Due to the fact that our skin is porous, toxins and excess fluids are drawn out as the goodness gets adsorbed in the skin while soaking in a bath of Epsom Salts.

Use Epsom Salt as an exfoliator. It will help get rid of black heads. Moisten skin and gently rub with Epsom Salts, or add half a teaspoon to your everyday cleanser, gently rub and wash off with cold water.

Exfoliate your body with Epsom Salts, then relax in a warm bath of approx. cup and a half of Epsom Salts bath for about 15/20min. I used Epsom Salts and Bicarb in my bath water to rejuvenate my body.

I’ve used Epsom Salts to soften the hard skin on my heals. Add Epsom Salt to warm water and soak your feet for approx 5/10min and then remove with a file. Cuticles and nails will be soft, so it makes it easier to cut your nails and push back your cuticles.

Oily hair, add a tablespoon or two of Epsom Salt when washing your hair.

I’ve even used Epsom Salts to add volume to my hair. Combine equal parts conditioner and Epsom Salt.  Work through your hair and leave on for approx 15/20 min.

To get rid of slugs in your garden, sprinkle Epsom Salt around.

To remove a splinter, soak in concentrated Epsom Salt water.

Do you have anymore uses for Epsom Salt, please share your tips with us ..

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