Discover Your Eighth Chakra

Your eighth chakra is located above your crown chakra, slightly above your head, and is the first of the “spiritual chakras” — those that are beyond the first seven chakras, which help you to become one with the universe, and is the conduit of psychic abilities and spiritual information from the higher self to the physical self.

This energy center is said to open access to parallel universes and lives; it gives access to the realm of the Akashic records and the sphere of potentialities in the making. It is a useful center for shamanic healing and communication with spirit guides.

This is also the chakra that holds all your karmic energy that you may have clung to for lifetimes, as well as emotions and goals. It is important to remember that the universe maintains balance and does not keep cosmic tabs on our behavior. We alone are responsible for those life lessons.

The purpose of karma is to allow us to release those pains and trials that left residual spots in our aura that halted our ascensions in the past so that we can learn from them and move forward.

Once the door to the physical world is closed and the one of the spiritual world is opened, the individual, their perception, and their outlook is changed forever. This is the point in your development that you begin to see the world through new eyes. You begin to see the universe not as a singular thing that is far off but as something dimensional of which you are an integral part.

You probably already know a bit about the seven chakras that are focal points of energy on your body. But did you also know that there are more than a dozen more chakras beyond these seven? No kidding! These higher or spiritual chakras are the links between your personality and your higher self. When activated, it allows you to access to an expanded universe, increase your spiritual awareness and compassion, and free yourself from the weight of karmic residue.

Sanskrit name: Padaka-Pancaka
Silver in color, infinate symbol in a circle
Central Ability:
center of esoteric learning and devine love
silver or ultraviolet
Essential Oils:
Harmony, sandlewood, white angelica, sweet, restorative aromas Rose (Rosa damascena), Neroli (Citrus aurantium)
Crystals and Stones:
Amethist, Clear quartz

When you start to understand that you are truly a soul living temporarily in a physical body rather than a body with a soul, your capacity for deep compassion and divine love begins to blossom.

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