Ancient Egyptians Knew How To Unleash The Power Of The Pineal Gland

Sacred Geometry holds the patterns of creation and if the Ancient Egyptians knew about it thousands of years ago then they were much more advanced of a  society than once previously thought.

Among their knowledge in astronomy, engineering, architecture, medicine, the ancient Egyptians had a very special place for religion and spirituality, knowing exactly how important it was in everyday life

Ancient Egyptians dedicated so much of their lives to understanding death, enlightenment, and higher levels of consciousness. Is it possible that they also uncovered the secrets to how we can not only open but unleash the power of our pineal glad?

This video explores Schwaller de Lubicz’s work, The Temple of Man. It demonstrated that the architects of the Luxor Temple used Sacred Geometry, which reflected the exact proportions of the human body. It also hints that the ancient Egyptians were using altered states of consciousness by using the pineal gland to explore the realm of the spirits.

Part 1

Part 2

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